featured-1million-transactions Celebrating Crossing the Threshold

Celebrating Crossing the Threshold

POSTED ON: August 9, 2022 IN News
by rory

This month we passed a MILLION transactions on Laundry Connect!

Considering our humble beginnings less than 3 years ago and the incredible growth Laundry Connect has enjoyed since then we are all so very proud.

With over a million transactions and revenue passing through Laundry Connect exceeding R 25 million we think we have some cause for a humble but proud celebration.

Thank you to all our customers and those who have supported us along the way.

It has been an incredible journey. Laundry Connect was first conceived of as an idea around 3 years ago and the world has changed much in the intervening time. Covid has of course been a boost to all things ‘cashless and contactless’ and this helped speed up adoption of this type of technology – fundamentally changing the laundry business as we have known it for over 30 years.

Gone are the days when the only way of charging for self-service operation of laundry equipment relied solely on the old mechanical coin slide mechanisms which were expensive and required constant ‘wear and tear’ related maintenance to keep them in good working order.

Now because of Laundry Connect, our customers are not only saving the cost of these coin mechanisms (upwards of R 5000 per coin mechanism in certain instances), but they are buying simpler (and cheaper) timer-operated commercial laundry equipment which can be used with or without the Laundry Connect cashless payment system. Machine manufacturers have already begun to cease production of the old style coin mech operated equipment, and so we have seen a sea-change in behaviour which has found itself all the way back to the way large global companies are manufacturing their machines.

Laundry Connect customers have real-time access to data on their equipment in addition to a host of reports generated as and when required.

They now have information at their fingertips on HOW equipment is being, WHEN it is being used, HOW MUCH it is being used and they are using this information to refine and adapt services to their customers. This is generating new opportunities for revenue and greater efficiencies in and around the laundry. Commercial laundries looking for a competitive edge over their competition are realising that in order to be flexible and make good decisions around their business strategies, that they need accurate information. Laundry Connect is fulfilling that need and is slowly fuelling a small revolution.

We celebrate past achievements for which we are truly thankful, but we are not dwelling there and we are constantly looking at new ways that we might provide our customers with even better products and services. Laundry Connect is constantly being upgraded to make it better and faster.

This month we will announce the introduction of our new WiFi MODEM and we are finalising small improvements to our ‘Business-Owner Facing’ Laundry Connect APP which should be released soon.

We have more exciting developments planned in the coming year, and are excited about the ways in which these new features, benefits, and indeed even new products are going to continue to improve opportunities and revenue streams for our customers in the laundry environment.

Thank you for your support.