Laundry Connect WiFi Modems now available

Laundry Connect WiFi Modems now available

POSTED ON: March 17, 2023 IN News
by rory

We found that in many of our installations, WiFi is readily (or possibly) available in their designated laundry areas and so we have spent time developing, perfecting and testing a new WiFi modem to add to our suite of industry leading Laundry Connect solutions.


This sleek new modem is suited to the many environments we now supply where Wifi is an option. The new modem is an appealing, compact, ergonomic and vandal-proof design which allows for quick and neat installation and easy, hassle-free set up. It allows for faster transaction speeds than we have experienced on the more conventional GSM based modems that we have supplied to this point. It uses less power, facilitates real-time payments and transactions and most important perhaps of all, allows for ‘Over-the Air’ (OTA) updates to Firmware – meaning you won’t even know when your firmware has been updated.

The new WiFi modem has been subjected to rigorous in-house and on-site testing and we are pleased to share the great results: Zero technical failures on any units currently in the field to date. If the WiFi is good and stable, we have 100% success rates as opposed to GSM modems where the connection is a ‘Best Effort’ and where we are subjected to numerous points of possible failure within the GSM network.

This is a game changer for those with good WiFi. We look forward to talking to you about it.