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POSTED ON: August 23, 2023 IN News
by Nici

A new self-service laundry concept is making laundry day a breeze.

A foreign notion to South Africans – a laundromat that employs no staff and accepts only digital payments – The Wash Bar is changing what used to be a tedious chore to an easy and relaxed experience.


Initiated by leading property management company, City Property, the first Wash Bar was launched in 2021. Since then, five more have been rolled out with another three more on track to launch before the end of 2023.

The company identified the need to enhance the offering to their residential tenants, while pushing innovation as a valuable strategic driver to remain competitive. Refusing to compromise on the look and feel of The Wash Bar, City Property found a winning formula by creating an affordable, clean and secure laundromat that tenants and customers appreciate and want to use. The team identifies dead and wasted spaces like storerooms, basement parking, vacant shops etc. that have potential and converts them into useful, attractive and commercially viable facilities.

Anyone who has visited the public Wash Bars at The Fields, located in the heart of the student hub (Hatfield, Pretoria) and The Park Shopping Centre in the east of the city (Elardus Park, Pretoria) will agree that it is bold, yet aesthetically pleasing, modern and well designed. Gone are the days of dingy and unattractive laundromats. Great attention is paid to selecting locations that can be controlled from a safety and security point of view as well as cleanliness – maintaining a good reputation is key.

At The Fields for example, The Wash Bar is bright, bold and cool for students.


The Park Shopping Centre’s features a complementary bright pink flamingo graffiti mural to the centre’s park theme with greenery and leaves.


At Sharon’s Place, a residential building with a more established tenant mix, they did something more toned down and mature and that complements the existing surrounds


Tenants and customers appreciate the new take on the traditional white laundromats with touches of bold colours and playful features – all carefully thought out to impress and keep customers returning to these attractive spaces.

The Laundry Connect digital payment mechanism enhances the seamless experience even more, with no risk in terms of carrying cash or not having the correct change. The team monitors the operations remotely and is able to ensure prompt customer service where necessary. Having built their in-house expertise, the self-service laundry team at The Wash Bar is looking to expand even more.

We love their approach and it is a pleasure doing business with them!

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