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Practical Resources for Clients

POSTED ON: May 16, 2022 IN News
by Nici

Dear Valued Customers,

We have assembled a few documents to support you, your staff and your customers. We would like your laundry business to operate as smoothly as possible.

Internal Documents

The Reporting Guide explains where to find information, in the Payway reporting interface.

It would be a good idea to get your staff to have the Troubleshooting Guide on hand, in order to be able to assist any customers if he/she are experiencing any issues whilst making payment.

Should you need a technician to assist you, please follow our Service procedure.

Open a Merchant Account

Visit one of the following websites:

Download the Laundry Connect APP

Apple APP store
Google Play


Simply download and print at your nearest Print shop.

Machine Stickers
These have simples “How to make payment” instructions for first time users.
Size: 85cm x 158cm (We have calculated that there should be a suitable space on all types of machines.)
How to pay using a Smartphone
How to pay using a Laundry card

Consumer Process Posters
These are designed to A3 but can be printed any size.
How to pay using Zapper
How to pay using SnapScan
How to pay using a Laundry Card


You can WhatsApp us on 0665104304 or email us at if there’s anything further we can assist you with. We are here to help!